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Who We Are

We are a change consulting firm that assists organizations through tough situations. Change can be difficult and have an impact on your business but it is important to seize opportunities including previous failures as momentum for change.


Establishing the situational awareness of the organization including its story, culture, context and the forensics of previous failures . We also believe that from a cost reduction perspective that before any new change initiate can be even considered, the organization will have to revisit its previous failed attempts to recover key drivers of failure, and any components that can be potentially reused.


We believe that organizations must clearly understand and define the reason for change. This will help provide clarity in communication, scope box the change, define its purpose, and its expected outcome. At its highest level it must start with the clarity if it is a proactive or reactive change. This clarity will immensely help in persuading employees, and other stakeholders, that for the organization to flourish and grow this disruptive change is needed.


At this stage of the change process we focus on the embedding of the change in the operations of the organization, and ensuring that it is the new normal . We work with the organization to ensure that people and process who are part of the change initiative do not relapse to the old process. A robust time bound exception process is introduced to take care of any exceptions in the near term.

Why Us?

Founded by John Rajanayakam, Accelmetric LLC is a consulting organization that focuses on the change management and change metrics. John has held CXO and senior leadership positions in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States including Fortune 200 companies. John specializes in helping organizations of all sizes who are dealing with proactive or reactive change through changes in their product, process, structure or markets. John has helped organizations through their IT, digital transformation and strategic change initiatives. John is a global trainer and speaker. He holds a doctorate in Organizational Leadership, a master's degree in Organization Leadership and a master’s degree in Philosophy. He is a Project Management Professional(PMP), Certified Purchasing Manager(CPM), and a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and a Certified Life Coach. John is also trained in Change Management from one of the premier universities in the United States.