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Who We Are

Organizations are in constant flux when trying to respond to a fast-moving external business environment, global and local, and technological advancement. Therefore, workplace systems, processes and strategies continuously needing change to adapt and evolve in order to remain competitive. Change affects the most important asset of your organization, your people. This is where we come in as a Change Consulting Firm. We assist organizations through the toughest period which is change which is difficult and has an impact on your business.


Constant change happens within your organization. Whether it is caused by customers service improvements, reorganization, compliance initiatives, process updates, new technology implementations, change is necessary and constant for profitability and growth. With our help and change management process, it will minimize the impact on your staff and organization. Funding and resource are crucial elements as part of the planning process. These can include software systems, equipment, infrastructure, as well as, retraining, re-education and rethinking practices and priorities. We are well aware that part of change management is resistance, which has the potential to threaten a project’s success. Resistance is mainly fear of the unknown as well as the risk associated with change. The risk includes allocating budget to change, return on investment risks, impacting dependencies. We arm leadership and management by anticipating and preparing for resistance that will manage a smooth change life cycle.


Change isn’t a process that is copied, it is not a one-size-fits-all process as each organization has its own needs and change initiatives. A successful change requires: Identifying what needs change or improvement Change involves an outcome, a product, service or a process, etc. therefore, it is critical that the focus is identified first, and goals clarified. It will involve identifying the individuals and resources that will lead the endeavor and facilitating the process. Collaborating with you, we identify threats or opportunities and evaluate what strategy to implement. As soon as we know what needs to improve, we have a solid foundation for ease, clarity and successful change implementation.


While change could be painful and difficult, it remains ongoing. Evolving organizations comprehend the significance of managing changes and consistently improving processes that will be yielding lasting benefits. After you have identified organizational needs to facilitate change, implementation starts. Accountability, response and execution are strategic imperatives. In order to simplify change execution, we suggest approaching the implementation of change in phases. When you break it down is more actionable, smaller components the process is simplified. Employees will find the change easier and soon become trained experts with our help.

Why Us?

Founded by John Rajanayakam, Accelmetric LLC is a consulting organization that focuses on the change management and change metrics. John has held CXO and senior leadership positions in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States including Fortune 200 companies. John specializes in helping organizations of all sizes who are dealing with proactive or reactive change through changes in their product, process, structure or markets. John has helped organizations through their IT, digital transformation and strategic change initiatives. John is a global trainer and speaker. He holds a doctorate in Organizational Leadership, a master's degree in Organization Leadership and a master’s degree in Philosophy. He is a Project Management Professional(PMP), Certified Purchasing Manager(CPM), and a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and a Certified Life Coach. John is also trained in Change Management from one of the premier universities in the United States.